Seismic sensing units are tools made use of to gauge seismic vibrations by transforming ground activity into a quantifiable digital signal. As the signal is analog in nature, sensors must be linked to a data acquisition unit to convert its output right into an electronic layout that could be read by computers. All IMS sensors have Smart electronics to give the sensor type, serial number and positioning (dip and roll) in likely boreholes. Additionally, our Smart Sensing units have the capability to generate interior resonances to verify the sensor operation and to detect incorrect wire electrical wiring after installation.


Seismic sensing units are categorized according to what type of ground motion it measures, specifically ground speed (geophone) or ground acceleration (accelerometer and FBA); the number of feeling axes the sensor has and whether the sensor is deployed in a borehole or versus a rock surface area. Each sensor kind has various advantages in terms of amplitude range, frequency variety, integrity and expense.

An IMS Seismic sensor network could be based on any type of mix of geophone, accelerometer and force equilibrium accelerometers, in unit- and tri-axial mixes. The tri-axial arrangement affords one of the most accurate price quotes of source specifications. An IMS systems engineer would certainly more than happy to review the sensors and arrangements finest suited to your application-- so please contact us at your convenience.


Geophones are typically the sensor of option in many mining applications, as a result of the low cost, large data transfer and superb reliability. IMS routinely produces 2 sorts of geophones, with natural regularities of 4.5 Hz and 14 Hz. The 4.5 Hz geophone has a usable frequency transmission capacity of in between 3 Hz and 2000 Hz but should be set up to within 2 levels of its pre-set orientation with respect to the upright.

The 14 Hz geophone is Omni-directional and could be set up at any kind of angle, with a usable regularity data transfer of between 8 Hz (-3 dB factor) and 2000 Hz. Powered from exterior DC power. Computer system Connections: 100 Base-T, RJ45 women connector sustain a connection to PC or network switch. Interior Memory: Flash memory for data storage is 4 GB per unit. Procedure Settings: Linked to a computer system or stand alone Black Box mode.